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Xiaomi’s upcoming Mi Band 5 will have global NFC support

Last updated on March 23, 2020

If you have been following the fitness watches and wearables circuit for a while, you would be aware that Xiaomi’s Mi Bad lineup has become very popular. One of the main reasons behind this is the quality that Xiaomi offers at the price which is almost half of the competition. Now, Xiaomi’s Mi Band 4 got recently released in China and other parts of the world such as India and Europe. While Xiaomi’s Mi Band 4 got released with NFC support in China, that support was missing outside of China. NFC is a technology which stands for near-field communication.

This technology is used mostly in payments and data transfer where two devices touch each other and share the data between them. While we see that NFC has not made a major change to the people’s lives, it is still a good option to have. Now, there are reports regarding NFC support for the Xiaomi Mi Band series. However, we will have to wait to get NFC support on the Mi Band 5 which will release sometime later next year.

According to Tizenhelp, Xiaomi’s Mi Band 5 will be even more “advanced and durable” compared to the present Mi Band devices. As far as the launch of Xiaomi’s Mi Band 5 is concerned, it is expected to come in Q2, 2020. The report also mentions that ‘demand for the NFC version of Mi Band 4 is so high that many users order it from China to their home country’. Apart from that, the report also mentions that “over 1 million units” of the Mi Band 4 were sold in “just eight days” in China. Also, China’s Mi Band 4 with NFC support currently lets you use contactless payments as well as pay for bus and train tickets. All of the same might be available for the global users of Mi Band 5 by next year too.

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