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Whatsapp Dark Mode: Here’s How to enable for Android and iOS

WhatsApp Messenger is the leading messaging app in today’s time. There’s hardly any other app that can match up to its popularity. It was first launched in 2009. It’s been 10 years that we are using WhatsApp.

After years of release, the developers are finally going to introduce the much-awaited WhatsApp Dark mode. All the other big apps have already introduced the dark mode. Now it’s time for WhatsApp to embrace the change.

What about WhatsApp Dark Mode?

WhatsApp ‘Dark Mode’ is called the ‘Dark Theme’ by WhatsApp. This soon-to-arrive feature will exist along with the light theme. For all these years, from the time of its release, we are using WhatsApp in the light mode. But now we have the option to switch to the dark mode. If you are a WhatsApp beta user then you can use this feature.

The dark theme feature will change the app colour to ‘blue night’ colours. It will also have a ‘system default’ option which will let the app automatically change the theme once it recognises the default setting of your phone. The dark theme will be brought by ios 13 and android 10.

Using WhatsApp Dark Theme

Switching to the dark theme is quite easy. All you need to do is go to your WhatsApp settings is located at the top-right corner of your screen. In the settings section, you will find the option ‘theme.’

When you click on the option theme, you will see options dark, light, and system default. Select the dark mode and your theme will change into the dark theme. The background colour of your app will change into blue night colours.

The new WhatsApp dark theme looks great. Users have appreciated this new feature much. For all these years WhatsApp has introduced a lot of new features but this is one of the best ones. Now that you know the steps, you can change the theme of your app whenever you want. You can switch back to the light theme at any given time. WhatsApp dark theme is the new feature launched by the company. However, it’s still a part of their beta update.

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