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This might be our first look at the Apple AirPods 3 releasing this month

Last updated on March 23, 2020

Apple is one of the most successful companies in history when it comes to selling products. We have seen companies such as Nokia, Motorola, and now Apple who have had their domination in the markets from time to time. Currently, Apple is leading the charts when it comes to sales of its latest iPhone 11 series. However, we know that Apple does not sell iPhones only. Other products from Apple include the MacBook series, Mac desktops, iPods, iPads and even wireless accessories. With the removal of 3.5-mm headphone jack from iPhone X, Apple also release the first generation of its AirPods which are a truly wireless pair of earbuds.

Since then, the company has not looked back as AirPods 2 were released next year and we are going to see AirPods 3 this year. It is also fair to say that AirPods as a product has been a huge hit for Apple. Naturally, people are excited to see what Apple brings to the table with AirPods 3. And we also have some leaks of the upcoming AirPods. Now, a concept render has been created with the help of leaks we have so far. And we must say that the design is not something you would expect from Apple if it is indeed true.

While not much has changed from AirPods 2 to AirPods 3, there is a difference which is noticeable. For example, the vents for emitting sound into your ears will now have eartips for the AirPods 3. Prior to this, these were empty which also caused a lot of dust from ears to go inside. However, people have started to call this a ‘blowdryer’ design as it looks like two hairdryers are facing each other. At the moment, only the shell of AirPods 3 is leaked so we don’t know what the inside of AirPods 3 would look like.

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