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Siddharth and Arhaan Get into A Fight, Arhaan Covers up for Rashmi

The latest episode of Big Boss showcases the fight of Siddharth Shukla and Rashmi Desai. Arhaan Khan supports Rashmi and warns Siddharth for cursing. Rashmi Desai has been good friends with Siddharth earlier.

But in the Bigg Boss house, things seem to change. Arhaan and Rashmi share a special bond even after breaking up. Arhaan always takes Rashmi’s stand and speaks up for her against other members in the house.

This time a serious conflict took place between Rashmi and Siddharth. Siddharth uses rude words to shun her off and so does Rashmi say in return.

Siddharth tags Rashmi as ‘aisi ladki’ that directly points out at her character. This disheartens Rashmi and she can’t take the comment and asks him to clarify the meaning of his statement.

Later Vikas and Siddharth discuss the fight and mean comments in which Siddharth doesn’t clearly talk in-depth about his statement on Rashmi. But his gestures indicate his views behind his statement.

This upsets Rashmi and the matter is dragged to the Weekend Ka Vaar episode where she complains about the ugly fight to Salman Khan. Salman scolds Siddharth for digging past events in the show.

Arhaan and Rashmi are red with anger and fight with Siddharth. Asim joins them and fights with Siddharth where they both push each other. Later Asim makes fun of Siddharth and meditates like him.

Arhaan threatens him and says ‘ulti ginti shuru karde’ to which Siddharth later asks ‘number bol’. The fight reaches another level and doesn’t settle in the latest episode.

The fight will continue in the coming episode as well where it shall be brought to terms.

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