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Shehnaz Fails to Convince Siddharth Shukla to Talk to Her, Cries!-Bigg Boss 13 22 December

Shehnaz plays the mystery card as said by Salman Khan. Shehnaz talks to everyone and gels with other members easily, but she doesn’t understand when Siddharth does the same.

But at the moment Shehnaz is upset as her friend Siddharth is not talking to her. She has been trying to convince Siddharth for almost a week now. Siddharth is not ready to talk to her and even refuses to tell her the reason behind his ignorance towards her.

Such behavior of Siddharth has kept Shehnaz is a big question mark and she is keen to know why he is not willing to talk to her. Despite of all the possible efforts, Siddharth is not getting convinced to talk to her.

He doesn’t respond to her and this makes her cry. She feels alone and abandoned on the inside and at the same time disliked. On the other hand, Mahira and Paras continue to be friends which makes her more upset.

At this stage, Shehnaz has lost her best friend and her love for the show. Both men are not only ignoring her but are also not responding politely to her.

This makes Shehnaz feel that Mahira has won and she is alone now. After all the failed attempts Shehnaz broke out while Rashmi was there to console her and let Shehnaz know that she is not alone.

In final words, Mahira and Shehnaz get the cold fight over Paras Chabbra. Also, Mahira has openly confessed her love for paras and asked Sana to stay away from him. At the same time, it seems that Sid Shukla is not interested to talk with Shehnaz Gill in the house.

So, this is all about happening in the Bigg Boss 13’s 12th week. This week, we have seen fight between Asim and Shefali, Mahira and Sehnaz, Rashmi and Sidharth Shukla.

Apart from it, Asim is a new caption of the house. Additionally, Major Bigg Boss 13 22nd December update is Mallika Sherawat’s entry into the house.

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