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Samsung Galaxy Fold found to survive 120,000 folds which is 40% less than company’s claim

Last updated on March 23, 2020

Samsung has finally launched the smartphone it announced back in February at the MWC 2019. The smartphone we are talking about is its first foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold. We know that the smartphone comes with all the flagship specifications such as the ones found on Galaxy S10 and Note 10 series. However, the main point of interest with the Galaxy Fold is its foldable technology. This is the first time that we are seeing a display fold into half rather than having dual screens with a hinge.

As expected, the excitement with Galaxy Fold is at an all-time high and it has already sold out in the South Korean markets. Now, Samsung has made the device available in the US and Indian markets too. Therefore, we are also going to see all kind of tests being carried out on the device. CNet, a well-known publication, has now taken upon themselves to see how much folds can the Galaxy Fold survive in real life. Note that Samsung claims its Galaxy Fold can survive 200,000 folds before the screen gets damaged permanently. Samsung also released a video of their testing inside the manufacturing plant with a robot opening the fold and closing it for 200k times.

However, it is found that Samsung’s claim falls short in real-life testing. From the CNet testing, it was revealed that Galaxy Fold was able to handle 120,000 folds after which its display broke permanently. To be precise, the left side of Galaxy Fold’s display broke after 120,000 folds. This means that it fell short by 40% of what Samsung claims its device can handle. However, there are various factors involved in such testings. Firstly, we believe that the speed of opening and closing the fold was too fast in CNet testing and too slow in Samsung’s testing. Both of which, as seen from the video, are nowhere near how a human would open or close the fold.

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