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Salman Khan Freaks Out at RASHMI DESAI: Bigg Boss 13 Major Update 23rd December

Siddharth Shukla targets Rashmi Desai, calls her “aisi ladki”, to which Rashmi asks him to clarify what does he mean by “aisi ladki”. This matter was dragged since days and Rashmi doesn’t seem willing to stop the topic.

Rashmi Desai continually asks him to clarify the meaning of his comment. Salman Khan shouts at her for not leaving the topic right there. He warned her to stop talking about it again and again because that will become the talk of the nation and put herself in a targeted position.

Rashmi doesn’t agree to stop the matter and keep it aside and she wants to hear from Siddharth what he meant by his gestures while he commented on her.

She further recalls that Siddharth told her he wouldn’t want to let such girls enter his home. She wants to know what does ‘such girls’ mean and why he doesn’t want to let her in his home.

Rashmi Desai claims that she was called a ‘maid’ by Siddharth. The entire matter was pushed to rags until Salman scolds them to stop the topic. Salman told Rashmi to stop talking about the same comment and not think that it has affected or harmed her character.

Salman further told, in the end, to take care and be wise enough to not put emphasis on unimportant topics that may harm their self-respect.

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