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Rihanna’s lookalike on MTV Supermodel of the year.

The most well-liked model hunt of India, Supermodel of the year streamed on MTV today (22nd December).

In today’s episode 10 models are selected by stunning Malaika Arora, sexy hunk Milind Soman a model and a marathon runner, beautiful Anusha Dandekar the judges of the show and the mentor of the contestants Ujjwala Das.

Renee Kujur the lookalike of the astounding Barbarian singer Rihanna is one of the 10 models of MTV Supermodel of the year. Renee of 34belongs to a remote region Jashpur in Chhattisgarh and this doubleganger is known as Rihanna 2.0 and Rihanna of India.

Renee’s real name is Renu and personally made a soft space in Masaba Gupta’s heart says she who was instantly magnetized by Renee’s chocolate skin in her portfolio.

EPR, the finalist of MTV Hustle and a gem in the rap community gave his rap song for the first walk of supermodel of the year and took the opening of the show top-notch!

The mentor Ujjwala Das of the show stopper and heated up the ramp with a sensuous presence in a shimmery deep blue gown and long locks.

In today’s opening of the show after a glamorous walk, the models are seen sitting in the Livon Lounge where they change their garments to what they feel defines themselves well. Breathes of all hit high as they then had to face the Jury and their questions for the first time.

Rihanna of India walks in a black outfit layered with a black jacket, black lip color and aims the arrow just right making a noticeable first impression wherein the Malaika Arora recognizes the doubleganger. Judges ask if on the show they can address her as Renu, which is the model’s actual name.

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