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PhonePe Bohni Offer: Now All Merchant Users Can Get Daily ₹75 Direct in Bank

Last updated on March 23, 2020

Bangalore based online payment company PhonePe reaches at the level to compete PayTM India. From one millions merchant accounts to four million in November 2019, PhonePe claims to have rapid growth in the business. Recently, PhonePe official announces to have over four million offline merchant accounts.

With the new year and new resolution, PhonePe will compete PayTM company in the year 2020. Furthermore, PhonePe to enter in the new year market with it’s 5 million official merchants across India. Well, that’s what startups in India mean to you. If you get it to the right position, it will give you a lot more than you expect.

PhonePe Bohni Offer

PhonePe Bohni offer is now live once again. The Bohni offer offers ₹75 cashback direct in the bank account on a daily basis. However, some of merchant users already started to claim the offer.

And, what’s your status?

Do you really look forward to claiming PhonePe Bohni Offer daily? If yes, here is the perfect guideline which can help you to get the cashback.

How PhonePe Bohni Offer Works?

If you are a merchant user on the PhonePe payment app, you can get ₹75 per day. Okay, let me know you the way you can claim the offer within a few steps.

First of all, you must have a PhonePe business account. Business account tends as a Merchant account which must verified by the official PhonePe merchant agent.

So, if you have the business account, the Bohni offer banner must be on your screen. You will get the banner from your app’s home screen.

Now, how you will get the ₹75 cashback through PhonePe Mohni Offer? Isn’t it the thing, right?

Well, share your merchant QR code to your customer or friend and ask them to pay via only a QR scan.

On your second transaction above ₹50, you will get ₹25 instant cashback in your bank account. Note: the offer requires a minimum of ₹50 transfer.

Furthermore, on your 4th transaction of the day, you will get another ₹25 instant cashback and on the 8th transaction, the PhonePe merchant user will claim total of ₹75 cashback.

However, sometimes, the cashback process will take a few minutes to the procedure. It may not be done instantly. Keep calm, they will transact you shortly.

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