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“People should learn from you to cheat!” says Arhaan to Vikas: Bigg Boss 13 day 20th December 2019

Arhaan pounced on Vikas addressing him as a cheater following what happened in the captaincy task. According to the task, the cars with drivers and one nominee for captaincy will be in the race.

One car had Vikas as the driver with Arhaan as the nominee for captaincy. And the other car had Shehnaz as the driver with Asim as the nominee. These two were the cars in the last round.

Suddenly when Arhaan was out of the vehicle for a while, Vikas got down the car saying he wants Asim to be the captain of the BB House. Arhaan asks him to get back to the game asking him to complete the task in the first place. Vikas refuses to get back to the task. This move makes Arhaan very angry.

Arhaan begins to call out Vikas ‘cheater’ as he left him in the last round and says that Vikas is habituated to messing up with people and running away without resolving it. “kisne tag diya isko mastermind?” adds Arhaan.

As Vikas leaves the task, Arhaan gets out of the captaincy race as per the rules and Asim becomes the new captain of the house.

The Bigg Boss contestants together cut the cake with ‘Asim’ written on it and sing ‘Happy captain Asim’. in the preview of today’s episode (20th Dec), Asim is seen framing new rules for the contestants which will entertain the viewers!

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