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Opera adds built-in tracking protection for its desktop browser

Last updated on March 23, 2020

One of the best things to happen for Internet users is the Opera browser. We have seen that most-preferred browser for PC and Mac users is Google Chrome. However, we do know that Google Chrome has certain set of limitations as well as restrictions such as ad-blocking filters as well as various other factors. But we don’t have any such thing in the Opera browser’s desktop version. Previously, Opera browser had a built-in VPN service for its entire suite of apps which included the Android as well as iOS apps. However, these services have been disabled by Opera and we now get built-in VPN service only in the Opera Desktop browser.

A new addition has just been made to the Opera desktop browser where built-in tracking protection has been added. Opera has always been an advocate of privacy and we see this latest feature as an extension of its belief as well. While Opera’s browser is based on Chromium, it is just a fork and does not use most of the trackers that Google uses in its version of the Chrome browser. At the moment, Opera notes that the tracking protection feature is disabled by default. However, users can easily enable it from the settings in order to protect them from various trackers out there from the likes of Facebook, Google and others.

You must also noted that Opera has a built-in ad blocker as well. Due to this, the company claims that ‘turning on both the tracking protection and the built-in ad blocker can speed up page loads by up to 23 percent’. Opera PC product manager writes in a blog post that “We consider the tracker blocker to be a browser feature which can be kept on at all times,” “Our browser, however, also has plenty of extended privacy features which come in handy when someone feels the need to increase the privacy of their browsing even further.”

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