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MTV Splitsvilla 12: Arshiya and Piyush Kisses and Confesses Love

Last updated on March 23, 2020

The popular television dating show Splitsvilla season 12 is about to end and the contestants are gaining plenteous fame from the audience. Among other contestants, Arshiya and Piyush are at the top of the table when it comes to romance. However, Arshiya Arshi confessed her love to Piyush many times in the show. And now, in a recent episode of MTV Splitsvilla, the couple kisses and addresses their relationship publicly.

However, Piyush falls down following his girlfriend Arshiya’s entry to the show as a wild card. Soon after, he tried to recover his game and left Aahna Sharma to join Arshiya.

In collaboration with Arshiya Arshi, Piyush takes his game to the next level. In between the show, the show host Ranvijay Sinha and Sunny Leone spots love bites on Piyush’s neck.

Piyush Sharma to Kiss Arshiya Arshi

In the upcoming episode of Splitsvilla 12, the promo shows Piyush and Arshiya to spend quality time together. They decide to spend some time during the show.

On the other end, Bhavya Singh speaks to other contestants in vulgar language. On that note, the fight continues in the house in between Aradhna Sharma and Bhavya Singh.

At the beautiful evening, Piyush will take Arshiya on a romantic date when he downs on his knees and confesses his love. Soon after, Arshiya and Piyush kiss with romantic background music.

So, are you excited to witness this rom-com drama episode? Stay tuned every Fryday at 7 PM on MTV India.

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