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Meet the team

Digvij Borda – Chief Editor

Dig is a technology passionate who loves sharing his ideas on smartphones and gadgets. He looks forward to imparting the spectrum of his insight and verdicts on the ‘Technology-driven world’ of today. He plans to take CrixNews forward with the consistent support from you readers, friends and family!

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Ady Wilson – Author

Ady loves sharing his ideas on technology, businesses, and startups. He is a very technical person and aims to integrate technology into people’s lives for the achievement of their growth and one’s own goals. In addition to, he also runs his own blog which goes by He is a professional at reporting news content and has been doing it for over 3 years now.

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Christina Li – Author

Christina is a computer science student at Stanford who loves contributing her ideas on technology. Her key skills are Core Java, JSON & XML Parsing. She is a big-time Android user and appreciates its open-source development factor. Other than that, she loves following and supporting the New York Yankees Baseball team.

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Abhishek Jariwala – Author

Abhishek is associated with CrixNews’s team for a long time. Now, he is an International Author and has a keen interest in sharing news and leaks related to technology.

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Megha Anada – Author

Megha has wide range of interests from fashion to finance; from travel to baking and from reading to writing. She believes in living every day to the fullest and learning new things daily. In addition to writing on, she owns her arts outlet #arkharts.

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