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Mahira Sharma Bigg Boss 13: Asim Riaz breaks Mahira’s heart by destroying her family letter

Last updated on March 23, 2020

In tonight’s Bigg Boss 13’s episode, the contestant performing a special task following Mahira Sharma’s nomination for eviction. The Bigg Boss announces a special task named BB Post Office. In which, there are hand-written letters from contestant’s family posted inside the house. However, Bigg boss would love to generate hit in the hose.

Thus, the BB Post Office task would assign especially for the next-week captaincy nomination. There are had-written letters from contestant’s respective families which place in the post box.

The condition applied for the task is to pick each other’s letters and have to decide whether to destroy it or not. If not, the following contestant will out in the race of captaincy and gave it to the respective contestants.

However, the BB contestant intentionally destroys the letter with the use of the destroyer machine, it’ll place him to the captaincy queue.

Mahira Sharma sacrifices captaincy for Asim Riaz

Today, the Bogg Boss official released the video promo for tonight’s episode. In which, Mahira Sharma will have to choose emotion or captaincy chance.

However, she will give up in the race of captaincy following Asim Riaz’s family letter. She will give him his family letter and says she values emotion and family more than anything.

However, Asim breaks down and hugged Mahira Sharma for her respect toward family. Isn’t it Mahira’s emotionally win for the task by returning a letter to Asim?

Asim Riaz to Destroy Mahira Sharma’s Family letter

After Mahira Sharma’s heartwarming behavior toward Asim, it’s Asim’s turn to prove himself a gentleman. A gentleman who always serves respect to others and shows genital things to the audience.

But, Asim slips his temptation for captaincy. He picks Mahira Sharma’s family letter which comes in the BB post office task.

Now, he has two options, whether he will return it to Mahira to show his compassion toward her or he will destroy to become a captain of the house in upcoming week.

As usual, Asim Riaz chooses to let the emotion down and picks the captaincy options. He puts a letter in the destroyer machine and destroys the feeling of Sharma.

In the promo video of tonight’s episode, Mahira Sharma has seen breaking down with the tears in her eyes. She breaks down as she couldn’t see the letter sent by her loved family.

Sidharth Shukla and Paras Chhabra are witnessing the task from the secret room. Moreover, Shehnaaz Gill and Mahira seated beside the destroyer machine with the piece of destroyed paper in hand. Asim Riaz to rejoice his attempt for the captaincy next week.

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