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Logitech releases its latest mechanical keyboard with swappable switches

Last updated on October 8, 2019

If you are new to the term mechanical keyboards, you are in for a lot of amusement as well as excitement. Because mechanical keyboards are considered to be one of the best kind of keyboards out there. This is because you can swap the keycaps on those keyboards extremely easy, you can easily type on them and now, you can also swap switches on the keyboard. Basically, mechanical keyboards have special type of switches made by different brands such as Cherry or Logitech or others. These keys are then placed on the keyboard and they come in different varieties such as clicky, linear or tactile.

Now, it is common to see mechanical keyboards that come with swappable keycaps which means that the caps can be replaced or removed. However, Logitech has entered a whole new segment as it introduces the first G Pro keyboard with changeable switches. Yes, you can remove the entire switches from your keyboard and replace them with different ones. All of this can be done on your own in a matter of minutes. Basically, this gives you the advantage of building a mechanical keyboard as per your taste. This new keyboard from Logitech is named as the Pro X Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. And this keyboard is of ‘Tenkeyless’ type which means that you don’t get the Numpad on the side.

Logitech says that you will be able to buy a different set of switches for just $49.99 and get a set of 92 switches which is what the total switches on the keyboard are. Also, you can get different types of Logitech switches such as Linear, Tactile or Clicky. The company also revealed that Cherry MX Switches, a popular brand for making mechanical switches, are compatible on this keyboard. And since this is a gaming keyboard, you obviously get RGB lighting which is priced at $149.


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