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Karthigai Deepam 2019: All you need to know about the Tamil festival

Last updated on March 23, 2020

India is known as the land of festivals and to experience each of them is god’s gift. We believe in diversity and that’s what India’s rich culture for you. Karthigai Deepam is one of the popular festivals in South India, especially in between Tamil peoples. Tamil festival Kartigai Deepam is known as the festival of lights like Deewali for North Indians.

This Karthigai Deepam festival is being celebrated at Thiruvannamalai Arunachalesvara temple held in Tamil Nadu. It’s been expecting at least 20 lacks people to visit today at the historic temple.

The Karthigai Deepam festival is dedicated to the Lord Murugan. Furthermore, lord Murugan was born out of Lord Shiva’s Trilochana that is third-eye.

The festival is celebrating on Poornima of Karthigai’s month where Tamil peoples took the blessing by rituals.

Karthigai Deepam: The Festival of Light

Karthigai Deepam is a festival celebrating by Tamil peoples. On the Pournami of Karthigai’s month, the peoples of Tamil Nadu seeks the blessing of Lord Shiva and Lord Murugan.

However, the Deepam festival is known as different names in different states. In Kerala state, the festival is known as Karthika Deepam, Karthikai Natchathiram, and Vishnu Deepam while Karthikai Vilakkidu in Tamil Nadu.

On this day, the ardent Lord Shiva followers come to the Arunachalesvara temple and perform the rituals. In addition, the Arunachalesvara temple is located in Thiruvannamalai city of Tamil Nadu.

However, the state government offers more than 2500 special buses and about 22 local trains. There are more than 25 lacks people who visit the panchaloha shrine on the same day.

On the other side, the local official to take care of food, transportation, network, and other hospitality for pilgrims.

How do people celebrate the Karthigai Deepam festival?

On the day of Pournami or Poornima of Karthigai month, the people light up their homes and courtyards. They light earthen oil lamps and prepare beautiful kolams in their homes just before sunset.

People greeting with sweets to their relatives and invite for dinner at night. So, that’s all that Tamil peoples do on the day of Karthigai Deepam.

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