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Instagram Dark Mode is Now Available: Here’s How to Enable it

After successful testing, Instagram’s has started rolling out Dark Mode feature for devices running Android 10 and iOS 13. The Instagram dark mode is now officially available on both Android and iOS devices with the latest update allowing you to clock your app in darkness.

Dark mode, a colour scheme that usually changes the white background to a darker shade, is the hot new design when it comes to the smartphone. The dark mode feature is also known for saving battery life with OLED screens. Instagram notifications are shown in the same red colour as before. Stories have the pink, red and orange accents outlining the icons.

Unlike Twitter and YouTube, you can’t able to switch the dark mode on or off within the app itself. Instead, Instagram will automatically sync your Android and iPhone system-wide settings and shift to the dark mode accordingly.

Here’s how it works on Android and iPhone devices.

For Android:

  • First, update the Instagram app to the latest version to enjoy the dark mode feature.
  • Enable your device-wide dark mode option by going to system settings and select the display.
  • Tap on the advanced and toggle on the dark mode.
  • That’s it, it will be automatically turn on Instagram and you can turn off by switch to the light theme on your device.

For iOS:

  1. Update the Instagram app to the latest version and make sure the iPhone is running iOS 13.
  2. Enable the iOS 13 system-wide dark mode by going to the settings app and select the Display and Brightness.
  3. Instagram will automatically apply your device’s system-wide settings.

Also keep in mind that by enabling the device dark mode, you may see the dark mode activated on other installed apps as well.

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