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Huawei CEO reveals they are already working on 6G technology

Last updated on March 23, 2020

We have seen that one of the biggest Chinese smartphone manufacturers, Huawei, has not had a great time in the global markets. This is because of the US-China trade war causing the company to get banned from operating in the US markets.

However, we have seen that Huawei is not afraid of trying new things when it comes to their smartphones and the industry in general. We have seen that along with Samsung, Huawei is one of the first to implement 5G technology on their flagship smartphones. Also, Huawei recently unveiled its first processor which has 5G modem right inside it.

So just like 2G, 3G or 4G technology, we will now get 5G technology inside the processor as well. We are telling you this because up until now, you need a separate 5G modem for adding 5G support to the smartphone. We are here to tell you, however, that Huawei is already working on 6G technology too. No, this does not mean that 5G technology is an old technology already. It only means that Huawei is already thinking of the future after 5G.

Basically, Huawei’s CEO has revealed, CNBC reports, that his company is working on 6G technology and it is currently in “early phase” and there is still “a long way to go” before it is commercially available. Obviously, we know that even 5G networks are not available in most parts of the world so 6G is a long way away.

But if you are someone who keeps track of timeline for availability, you need to wait at least a decade more to get 6G technology. Therefore, this statement from Huawei CEO means nothing apart from the fact that he is telling his competitors about the company’s development plans. He also confirms that Huawei is fully focused on 5G technology at the moment.

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