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Google Photos’ new ‘Colorize’ mode leaks in sample pictures

Last updated on March 23, 2020

Google Photos is one of the flagship products from Google right now and it is interesting to note that the product was introduced less than five years ago by the company. Now, the popularity of this product is thanks to the benefits that it offers apart from the fact that it is easy to use and has become the default gallery app for most Android users. Now, Google announces a lot of features which it delivers as well but there are times when some features get left out after being announced.

One such product is the ‘Colorize’ mode in Google Photos which does what the name suggests. Basically, this mode will colourize your photos inside Google’s Photos app so that you can add colour to your old photos. If you have clicked a photo in black and white and want to colourize it, then this feature will come in very handy. It is known that Colorize relies heavily on Google’s AI prowess to identify elements within a monochrome image and apply the appropriate shades of colour to create a retouched polychrome photo.

Since the feature is not yet available to the public, the feature was almost forgotten. However, Google seems to have readied this feature in time for the upcoming Google Pixel 4 series launch. As we can now see the sample pictures using this mode and we must say that they look oversaturated at the moment. On side-by-side comparison with the original photo, black and white photo and Colorized version, the oversaturation becomes quite clear.

9to5Google’s report finds that the Google Photos’ latest beta version has this feature hidden inside the code but it has not been made public yet. And we believe that Google still needs to do some work on this feature before it can be released to the public.

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