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Do you want to know the top 5 man of the match reward in IPL history?

What is man of the match award?

In this article we will describe about the top 5 players who got the most man of the match award in IPL history. It is the award for the best performing player in the match. It is not sure that the batsman who will score the most run in the match or the bowler who will get the most no of wickets got the man of match award. Even if you not score a single run and not take a single wickets then also you can won the man of match award, it’s already happened.

The South African legendary fielder Jonty Rhodes achieve this reward as a substitute player, in that match he took total 7 brilliant catches and won the reward. So it’s the situation when where in which situation you perform well and against whom, after thinking all this things this reward given to the best player of that match.

Top 5 players who got the man of match award in IPL history

In IPL history there are so many peoples who got this reward so many times. Among them in the top five list there are two Indians and three foreigners. And the most important thing that is the first players in that list also a foreign Player, but he is the most loved foreign players in India. His name is A B devilliers.

Here are the list-

  1. A B Devilliers- The most loved foreign player in India. Till now he got total 23 man of the match rewards. He is a top quality player, he plays for Royal challengers Bangalore. He has a he ability to hit six at any time to any bowler. He also can hit the ball out of the stadium at any moment. He can single handley won any match for his team and he did it do many times that’s why he is in the 1st position of this list.
  2. Chris Gayle- He also played so many times for Bangalore, but now he is playing for Panjab Kings. He is known as Universe Boss. Everyone one knows about his six hitting ability, he also has the highest run in IPL history, so when he scores, he scores big runs and also win the match for his team so till now he got 22 man of the match award.
  3. Rohit Sharma- The greatest opening batsman of India. Who has 3 double hundred in ODI cricket and 4 centuries in T20 format. He is the king of white ball Cricket, he also known as Hit man. When he start hitting then there is no bowlers who can stop him, this ability makes him more special. In IPL history he got total 18 man of the match award.
  4. David Warner- the opener of Sunrisers Hyderabad, and the most successful opening batsman of IPL history, he is so much consistent to make runs, his ability can single handley win any match for his team. Till now he got total 17 ma of the match rewards.
  5. Mahendra Singh Dhoni- The legend, the Indian legend who wins all the ICC trophy in his career, the greatest Captain of India. He also known as the best finisher in history of cricket. This ability makes him unique from others. That’s why he is in the top 5 list. Till now he got total 17 man of the match award.

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