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Delhi Metro Update – Here’s how you can check Delhi Metro Card Balance, Everything you need to know

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited has recently introduced a new system that allows people to book a ticket, recharge metro cards as well as you can check balance online. You can also purchase a metro ticket from the customer care center or ticket counters available at every stations, ticket can be a card or token.

To enter into metro station, the passenger need to scan the ticket or card to the machine. If the passenger card or ticket is valid then gates will be automatically open. But in case if the card is expired or ticket is not valid then gates will not open and passenger needs to contact the customer care support team regarding your issue. It will take a maximum of 5 minutes to resolve the issue.

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Ways to Check Delhi Metro Card Balance

1. Simply swipe your valid Delhi metro card at the entry or exit gates of the platform.

2. With the help of Ticket Reader Cum Add Value Machines available at every ticket counters.

3. You can also check through AVM (Automatic Vending Machine) you can find at every customer care window.

4. In case if the above methods are not working for you then you can also ask to the customer care support team.

There are so many benefits of the Delhi metro card is you can use for multiple journeys and it can be transferable. Also, keep in mind that only one passenger can travel at a time with the same card. If passengers enter and exit from the same station then there is a penalty of Rs. 80 and it will be automatically deducted for the card.

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