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Dance Plus 5 Top Performers, Special Guests & who will be in Danger of Elimination?- December 8th

Last updated on April 14, 2021

Dance Plus season 5 is one of the most popular reality shows of the year. This year all the contestants are very enthusiastic and have broken all the records of last year. Overall, Dance Plus season 5 is a complete platform for entertainment.

Dance Plus 5 was started on the 9th of November and reached its most crucial time. This season has a total of four captions and as per formate of the show, It has one super judge ‘Remo D’Souza’. Furthermore, It is hosted by famous personality Raghav Juyal.

Moreover, the other four judges are Dharmesh Yelande, Punit Pathak, Karishma Chavan, and Suresh Mukund. All of the contestants listed here are very talented dancers and very famous across the world for their dancing skills.

Each of the participants in the dance reality show is mentored by one of the above-listed four captions. There is a total of 16 performers in the Dance Plus 5, in which some are in solos and rest are in a group or duo.

On 7th December, the show was started with the entry of legend Geeta Kapoor. Also, She has mentioned in the show that a trio of Geeta, Terrence Lewis, and Remo Dsouza.

Dance Plus 5 Teams with Captions

There are a total of 4 teams based on the captions or mentorships. Here is the full list of contestants and their captions. Some of the performers are solo and rest are in duo or groups.

Team Dharmesh Yelande

  • Dynamic Dance Crew (Group, Hip-Hop)
  • Naitik Singal (Solo, Popping)
  • Rupesh Bane (Solo, Contemporary)
  • Nritya Kala Kendra (Group, Bharatnatyam)

Team Punit Pathak

  • Bhim Bahadur (Solo, Lyrical)
  • Janam Crew (Group, Lyrical)
  • Subrat and Sanchita (Duo, Contemporary)
  • Sameep Dhake (Solo, Popping)

Team Karishma Chavan

  • Creative Dance Crew (Group, Locking & Hip-Hop)
  • Deepak and Rupesh (Duo, Popping)
  • Jahangir Alam (Solo, Contemporary)
  • B-Fab Crew (Group, Lyrical)

Team Suresh Mukund

  • Monark Trivedi (Solo, B-Boying)
  • Siba Prasad (Solo, Popping)
  • Suraj and Priyanka (Duo, Contemporary)
  • Ace Crew (Urban Choreography)

Dance Plus 5 December 8th Performance

As we are passing through the most exciting part of the dance plus season, it is adding more fun and excitement for both audience and contestants. Moreover, Each participant is delivering their best to impress their judges.

Additionally, Captions are also sacrificing their talents and skills to hone their team’s performance on the stage. Same time, the Audience has given positive reviews about season 5th of Dance Plus and it’s contestants.

If you are excited to know what is next to happen in the show, then we are revealing some interesting facts about the episode of 8th December Dance Plus.

In the 8th December episode of Dance Plus 5, the duo of Sanchita-Subrata has given amazing dance performance in the light green dress. In addition, Rupesh Bane from the team Dharmesh has added more excitement and stars to the night show.

Furthermore, Jahangir Alam has given a fabulous performance on stage which has amazed the audience as well as judges with his dance skills with emotions on his face.

So, support your favorite contestants by giving missed calls to save them from evictions or eliminations.

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