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Dance + 3 pair Tarun Nihalani and Shivani Patel got married – Wedding Ceremony held in Ahmedabad

Last updated on March 23, 2020

Dance Plus 3 finalist Shivani Patel and Tarun Nihalani tie the knot on Sunday, 8th December. However, it’s not a surprise wedding as the couple announced their wedding bails just a few days ago. Dancer Tarun Nihalani and Shivani Patel got married in their hometown Ahmedabad city. The couple married in a traditional ceremony in the presence of family and close friends.

Dance Plus couple Tarun Nihalani and Shivani Patel started dating in 2017. They met for the first time at the audition studio for Dance + 3. Soon after selected as a pair, they become close friends and started working together.

However, it’s been long since they dated. They managed to keep away their relationship from the media, especially from social media.

On 8th December 2019, Shivani Patel and Tarun Nihalani married in a private ceremony in Ahmedabad city.

Shivani Patel and Tarun Nihalani Marriage

On November 11, Shivani Patel shared an Instagram post along with boyfriend Tarun Nihalani quoted “Ek Raaz ki Baat aap sab ko jald hi batayenge on November 16” (I will tell you a secret soon on November 16).

Soon after her post, Shivani and Tarun’s ardent followers started guessing their marriage plans.

Tarun and Shivani marriage photo

On 16th November, Shivani and Tarun shared their pre-wedding photoshoot and announced their marriage date. By Tarun’s side, he talked to India Forum on her future with girlfriend Shivani.

On December 8th, 2019, Tarun and Shivani tie the knot in nuptial relations. Their wedding held in Ahmedabad city in Gujarat. Furthermore, the wedding reception place will be announced soon.

Shivani Patel wore a designer red colored embroidered lehenga choli along with double dupatta in pink and red color. While Tarun paired with heavy embroidered golden-colored sherwani along with red turban.

Tarun Nihalani and Shivani Patel’s Love Story

Shivani Patel and Tarun met for the first time on the set of Dance+ 5 TV show. For which, they performed as a couple.

The ardent dance followers captioned Tarun as a “Lifts ka Raja” and Shivani known as “flips ki Rani” for their tremendous performance throughout the season.

Meanwhile, their rumors on dating were started floating On that note, they denied their relationship and named it a friendship. By the end of the year 2018, Tarun addressed his relationship with Shivani.

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