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Bigg Boss Kannada 7 Voting Results 6th November – Chandan, Chaitra, Raju are in danger of elimination

The 4th week of Bigg Boss Kannada 7 was full of drama, fun, tasks, chaos, fights, and entertainment. With the eviction of some of the popular contestants, the show is getting even more complicated and challenging for the existing contestants. In this week of nomination process, Bigg Boss had asked the contestants to participate in the captaincy task. Harish won the task and became the captain of the home, thereby saving himself from the eviction. A total of 7 contestants were nominated for the eviction this week. These contestants include Shine, Deepika, Chandan Achar, Raju, Bhoomi, Chaitra Kotur, and Priyanka.

Kannada Audience is extremely excited to see their favorite contestants in the house. The contestants are receiving plenty of votes every day. Here is the voting result:

Bigg Boss Kannada 7 Voting Results 6th November

  • As of 6th November, Shine is leading the voting chart with 26% of votes.
  • Priyanka and Deepika Das are on the second position with 15% votes for each.
  • Bhoomi has received 14% votes.
  • Chaitra Kotur and Chandan Achar have received 11% votes, but they will catch up soon if their performance in the house gets better.
  • The last contestant with the minimum percentage of vote is Raju Tallikote. He has only received 7% of votes.

Bigg Boss Kannada 7 Voting Online

To vote for your favorite contestant, download the Voot app and select the name of the nominated Bigg Boss 7 contestant. My Jio App can also be used for voting.

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