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BIGG BOSS 13th Update 19th December 2019: Madhurima splashes water on Bagga

Shefali Bagga seems to hold onto her grudges following the captaincy task for long. She is trying to mess up with all the contestants in the BB House.

At night she was banking vessels disturbing everyone sleeping which forced the contestants to lock her up in the washroom. In the morning Bagga is sent by Vikas, the captain of the house to wake up the ones sleeping.

She deranged everyone by sprinkling water on faces to wake them up.
Shefali Bagga sprinkled water on Madhurima too, to which sudden reaction was her slightly pushing Bagga.

Yet Bagga carried on with her move again by sprinkling water and Madhurima in return splashes water from the water bottle near the bed on Shefali.

Asim too, a victim of this comes to the captain who himself was still asleep. He bursts out saying “ kyu captain banaya aapko..”. He added saying that the captain is still asleep and asked him to get up and himself wake everyone up if he wants rather than sending Shefali.

Paras in a conversation said that once contestants who get nominated for eviction and are desperate to stick in the house end up opting for such insane strategies to get attention.

Asim lost his cool saying that Vikas pings Shefali and is using her. On everyone asking justification for her actions, she replied that Vikas who was a contestant in the last season of Bigg Boss; told her that he saw members doing this. Tomorrow’s episode will show if she calms down!

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