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BIGG BOSS 13th Update 12th Week: Shehnaz Gill and Mahira Sharma Fight Over PARAS CHHABRA

Shehnaz Gill is very open about her love for Paras Chhabra. Shehnaz has a good friendship with Mahira Sharma but she got upset this week when Paras supported Mahira for the captaincy task.

Paras and Mahira are good friends and there’s nothing more than friendship between both of them. But Mahira could sense something wrong with Shehnaz’s changed behaviour towards her. When she tried talking to her, Shehnaz ignored Mahira and refused to talk to her.

This got Mahira into a lot of confusion and she decided to talk to Paras about her disturbed state of mind as both are good friends. When both these friends were talking Shehnaz who was washing vessels in the kitchen, went and called Paras in for a minute.

That’s when Mahira told Paras that Shehnaz is not okay with their friendship. Mahira told Paras to go and talk to Shehnaz and stay away from her. Paras got angry with this statement and shouted at Mahira.

Paras went towards Shehnaz and even scolded her for her ignorance towards Mahira. Mahira lay outside weeping and Shefali Zariwala was there to listen to her misery.

Paras took Mahira to the kitchen area to patch up with Shehnaz. Mahira refused to that and complained about why should she act matured all the time. Paras smiled and told her, “You are just 22 years old yet mature amongst the rest of others.”

Sheznaz Loves Paras?

When Mahira approached Shehnaz trying to talk to her, Shehnaz ignored her to which Paras lost his temper and shouted at her. Shehnaz told both of them that she loves Paras and has genuine feelings for him.

She further added that she couldn’t see Mahira and Paras bond together as it broke her heart every time. Shehnaz also specified that she has no hard feelings against Mahira.

Paras never reciprocates his feelings towards Shehnaz and that’s why Shehnaz feels lonely and unloved. Mahira and Shehnaz sorted their misunderstanding and reunited as friends.

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