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Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar 5th December: Shehnaz Gill Slaps Siddharth Shukla!

Last updated on March 23, 2020

Shehnaz slaps Siddarth, yes, she does! In the weekend ka vaar episode, Shehnaz tells Salman Khan what she expects from Siddarth. She tells that she feels deeply hurt when Siddharth doesn’t pay enough attention to her.

She is always there whenever Siddarth is upset, or angry. She helps him control himself while in a fight so that he doesn’t get into trouble. But it makes her sad when the same love and care do not reciprocate.

Siddarth does not equally return the care that he receives from Shehnaz. Somewhere Shehnaz feels that she is not valued by Siddarth. He takes her for granted. She feels lonely and he is never there to cheer her up.

She waits for him to come to her after he is done talking to his friends, Paras, and Mahira. She feels left alone.

Shehnaz is aware of the fact that Siddarth won’t be friends with her after Bigg Boss. She says that she is fine with it but she wants to spend a good time with Siddarth while they are in the Bigg Boss house.

Nonetheless, Siddarth has his own zone of friendship and he sticks to his terms. He finds Shehnaz cute and has affection for her but when it comes to accepting her as a partner, he is not sure about her.

Shehnaz sobs her heart out and this time she loses her mind. She is done by ignorance and she is pissed out at the reality. She sees it all shattering and feels she is not respected.

She bangs her head with her hands while Aarti and Asim try to bring her back to sanity. But Siddarth is seen laughing from the poolside at this sight. Siddarth does not realize that Shehnaz has actually freaked out because she always does a similar kind of behavior.

But this time it’s at another level, she actually bursts into tears. Siddarth tries to convince her and stop her from crying, but in the process, he is not aware yet that she is actually angry, he still mocks at her. She throws things at him and tries to get away from him.

Shehnaz tries to seek privacy on the bed and goes to sleep quietly but Siddarth tries to go and convince her but she grabs his cheeks by the hand and later gives him a nice tight slap on his cheek, full of anger.

Siddarth in complete shock is not yet able to know what actually happened. Well, the matter is taking a new turn and it’s exciting to see what happens.

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