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Bigg Boss 13 Voting Online – Who gets nominated for elimination during week 6? Vote below

Bigg Boss 13 reached its first finale on 3 November when the show host called the three evicted contestants on stage. Rashmi, Devoleena, and Shefali were evicted from the show and wild card contestants entered the BB house. Including the six new contestants that got in the house yesterday, Bigg Boss has a total of twelve members now. This week, the nomination criteria took place on Monday.

In this week’s nomination, Bigg Boss asked all the contestants to name two celebrities they want to nominate. The contestants had to specify a reason for nomination.

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In the garden area of the BB house, a couple of dustbins are arranged. Each dustbin shows the name of one contestant. The nomination process gets pretty interesting as Bigg Boss asked the old contestants to name two new contestants for nomination while the wild card entries were asked to nominate two old contestants they want out of the home. The process turned even more interesting when the contestants had to throw a bag full of dry waste at the person they are nominating.

Basically, it was an open nomination. Arhaan nominated Siddhartha Shukla and Asim, calling the latter the “Chela of Siddhartha”. Asim Riaz got infuriated with Arhaan and became aggressive during the process. Arti got herself saved from the nomination as she is the new captain of the BB house. Arti was the first nominated contestant as most of the BB contestants took her name for the nomination.

As surprises are the part of Bigg Boss, Arti was rather declared the house captain than getting evicted from the house. All the other contestants got into the nomination process. This open nomination task was a perfect process to expose the game strategies of both old and wild card contestants.

Himanshi and Shefali Bagga named Shehnaaz and Paras for the eviction whereas Paras nominates Himanshi Khurana. To reply to the insult, Asim Riaz and Siddhartha Shukla nominate Arhaan Khan. Mahira, Shefali, and Paras are also nominated this week. Vote your favorite contestants to save them from eviction.

Bigg Boss 13 Voting Online

There are two different ways to vote Bigg Boss contestants are through Voot and My Jio app.

Voting through My Jio App: Install My Jio app on your smartphone, tap on the Bigg Boss 13 voting banner and submit your vote.

Voting through Voot App: Install the Voot app on your smartphone, log in to your Voot account, tap on the Bigg Boss 13 Voting or go to and submit your vote.

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