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Bigg Boss 13 Voting Online 11th Week 2019- Everything about Danger Zone contestants

Last updated on March 23, 2020

Bigg Boss 13 is going very interesting nowadays and everyone is excited about it. BB house lost one contestant Himanshi Khurana in past days and now there will be another eviction this week ka waar. Before that, there are many fights, tasks and incidents happened at the house.

On 10th December 2019, Every contestant wakes up with the energetic song ‘Kala Chasma’. After that, Paras and Siddharth have discussed Rashmi and Arhaan’s relations in the house. They also made the conversion on the Cheez used by Arhaan during breakfast.

The alarm buzzed continuously for Bhau, Vikas, and Rashmi. During the time, Hindustani Bhau was instructed to wear his mic but he refused it as Bigg Boss was not listening to his request for a photo with his son.

Also, Shefali said to Bhau that Asim thinks Himanshi is out because of her. Also, Himanshi told him that she will get married after the show. So, she used to hug Asim only because she wanted to present very thing is normal between Asim and Himanshi.

Bigg Boss 13 Captaincy Task of Week

Bigg Boss has announced the task for a captaincy which is also connected with the latter came from each contestant’s house. At the same time, he gave warning that if Bhau will not wear the mic then he will lose his letter.

According to the task, Rashmi, Sana, Mahira, Asim, Arti, Shefali Zari, and Bhau’s post box are made in the garden and it has an original letter from the house along with numbers of the fake envelope.

As buzzer buzzes, it will be announced who will get the letter and the task will start. The post box will open and other inmates will try to find the real letter among fakes.

In addition, whoever finds the real letter will be able to become the contender for the captaincy only if he/she tears the letter in the shredder. Otherwise, he/she have to have to sacrifice her letter and give it to its real owner.

First Letter

The first buzzer played at 7 PM and it was for Sana. Vikas found the real letter and announced that Rashmi will decide to give her a letter or not. After then, Rashmi shredded the letter and gave the reason that Sana is not strong for the captaincy. Thus, Rashmi became the contender for the captaincy.

Second Letter

The second buzzer was for the Arti and everyone was excited to gran the original letter. This time Asim got the real one. He gave it to the Arti and asked for a hug. That incident was a happy and emotional moment for the audience and housemates. She read the letter in front of a housemate.

Shefali Zari told Vishal that if he wants to destroy her letter then there will be no problem. During the time Bigg Boss has announced that Vishal and Asim should play tasks for own, not in charity. BB also announced that Shefali will shred her letter herself.

Third Letter

The third buzzer was for Rashmi. Rahmi said that she wants that letter. Everyone grabbed the letter and Bhau found the real letter from the box. He announced that he is giving it to Rashmi. At the same time, Vikas Gupta took the letter from Rashmi and said I don’t think she needs it.

Vikas Gupta shredded the letter before anyone stopped him. After that, lots of drama happened there and everyone argued with Rashmi for not taking a stand.

Fourth Letter

The fourth letter was announced for the Hindustani Bhau. Everyone was at the box for the real letter. Shefali Zariwala got the letter and shredded it immediately. Bhau became sad and Mahira consolidated him. Shefali Zari also went to him and asked for a punish her.

The later heavy fight begun between Asim and Shefali Zariwala.

Bigg Boss 13 promo 11th December 2019

11th December of Bigg Boss 13 will become the third day of Paras and Siddharth’s in the secret house. Additionally, Siddharth and Paras are one of the strongest contestants of the day.

Moreover, Paras and Siddharth are in a secret room which will give benefits in the future. Currently, they know all the secrets of the house and can take control on the house after re-entry.

Asim and Shefali’s fight will become huge. Rashmi Desai will become a joker due to makeup. Asim Riaz also became very strong according to Siddharth and Paras.

Today 11th December, the rest of the task of captaincy task. It will give you more fun and excitement. So, if you want to support your favorite contestant then got for vote through Voot.

Bigg Boss 13 Voting Online Week 11

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