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Bigg Boss 13 Vote Online 11th Week Update: Nomination List for the Eviction on Weekend Ka Waar

Bigg Boss 13 is a very famous reality show of December 2019. The season is passing through the 11th week and is becoming more interesting day by day. During the time many new wildcard entries happened in the house as well as evictions too.

Additionally, in the 10th week of bigg boss 13, Himanshi Khurana evicted from the house as per voting trends of bigg boss 13 through voot and other apps. As per the format of the show, every week there is an eviction process during weekend ka vaar.

Also, the nomination for the eviction depends on contestants’ behavior and the performance in the tasks and in house. Later, the audience has to decide who should be in the house? by voting them. So, it is up to you whether you are making an effort to save your favorite one or not?

Bigg Boss 13 Nomination of the 11th Week

As noted earlier, this is a 11th week of the bigg boss 13 seasons and it is a very crucial time to appear strong in the game for each contestant. Every contestant has to play with their full ability and wisely. Each small move into the relation, task or performance is very important for the future.

This week’s captaincy task was associated with the letter sent to the inmates, by their real family. After the emotional task is given by Bigg boss, Rashmi, Asim, Shefali, and Vikas became the contender of the house.

Next, Bigg Boss gave special authority to Siddharth and Paras, to choose the new caption of the house with task called ‘Kath Putli’. Later that task, Vikas Gupta became the new caption of the house in the 11th week of Bigg Boss 13.

Apart from all ups & downs in the house, a total of four contestants in the house is in danger. Here is the list of all the contestants who are nominated for the 11th-week eviction of Bigg Boss 13 season.

  • Sid Shukla
  • Tuli Madhurima
  • Sana Gill
  • Hindustani Bhau

Vote Online Bigg Boss 13 for 11th Week Nomination

If you are a big fan of above-listed contestants then you can save them from the eviction by giving them your valuable vote. Also, it is true that lower voting will evict the contestant from the house.

Here is full instruction is given about how to vote online bigg boss 13 contestants through voot. You just have to click below given below and vote.

The direct link to know Bigg Boss 13 Vote Trend 11th Week:

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