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Bigg Boss 13 Update 7th November 2019 – Shehnaaz Gill & Hindustani Bhau have a misunderstanding

The contestants plan their game strategy and try their best to win the competition. As soon as they hear the second buzzer coming from the transport truck, the competition intensifies and contestants perform this challenge with great sportsmanship.

However, the game doesn’t go the way contestants had imagined. Siddhartha Shukla loses his cool and gets violent on Mahira Sharma. As a punishment, Bigg Boss announces a strict punishment for Siddhartha by nominating him straight for the two weeks. Shehnaaz is also nominated this week by Bigg Boss for not following the orders.

The next morning, contestants get back to their household chores. To their surprise, the kitchen and rationing team figures that they are running short on ‘Aata’. The missing Aata becomes the major argument and contestants start blaming each other. Arti thinks that Paras and Asim were responsible for the rationing and it was their duty to ensure that the food is in adequate quantity.

However, Asim and Paras do not take the blame. Paras says that Aata was sufficient for the week. If it is going missing, then either someone has stolen it or Bigg Boss has taken it back. This small conversation turns into a heated argument when Asim, Paras, and Arti start fighting with each other. Asim says that the house needs a new captain as Arti isn’t doing a great job. Arti feels bad. She had an opportunity to save one contestant from eviction this week.

Arti was planning to save Asim until the duo got into an argument. The transportation task starts again. This time the contestants play well and give a tough fight. Paras reveals his game strategy and says that he wants Hindustani Bhau to be the next captain of the house. Watch Bigg Boss to know who wins the transportation task and becomes the next house captain.

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