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Bigg Boss 13 Update 29 December 2019: Weekend Ka Vaar Special Task of Good Memories

Bigg Boss 13’s last episode is all about the weekend for the housemates and audience both. In the last episode, Salman Khan enters the house and cleans the kitchen, dishes, fridge and toilet.

After cleaning the house, Salman re-enters to the bigg boss host stages and connects with the housemates through the tv. Everyone apologizes for their behaviour in the house.

Also, Salman asks Shehnaz about no one is ready to work in her captainship and also asks about the reason for the same. Moreover, Asim and Paras give their opinion about the duties given by Shehnaz Gill.

Salman Khan scolds the housemates for their behaviour regarding basic duties in the house. After that, Bigg Boss asks Salman Khan to come at Sultani Akhada.

In Sultani Akhada, Bigg Boss presents Salman Khan’s ten years of journey with bigg boss show. In which, they have mentioned all different looks and moods of Salman, speical moments with celebrities like Sanjay Dutt, Katrina Kaif, Shah Rukh Khan and much more.

Next, Salman assigns two tasks for the bigg boss housemates such as BB News Headlines and Good Memories. Among them, BB News Headline is dependent on the team’s thoughts and they have to decide the title for different categories like Crime, Politics, Fraud and much more.

Another task is about to Good Memories in which each person have two photos and he/she has to keep good one from the given two. So, it was all about fun and everyone’s perspective towards housemates.

A special moment of the Bigg Boss 13 29th December Weekend Ka Vaar is, housemate’s performance for Salman Khan’s 10-year journey with Bigg Boss reality show. It was awesome moment for both Salman Khan and the bigg boss fans.

Even Salman Khan has praised the performance and said it is one best moment of his life with Bigg Boss. He also praised for the best choreography. So it is all about Bigg Boss 13 29th December Weekend Ka Vaar.

Stay tuned for the live updates on the Bigg Boss 13 season. Here is one special news about Bigg Boss 13’s upcoming episode.

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