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Bigg Boss 13 Update 23rd December: Vishal and Paras Fight for Their Girls

Last updated on March 23, 2020

Both Vishaal and Paras fight for their girls, reach close up to each other’s faces. Meanwhile, Aarti taunts at the sudden rise of love between Vishaal and Madhurima when he takes stand for her. What lead to this is quite out of nowhere.

Well, this is what is happening for a week in the Bigg Boss house, fights arising out of nowhere.

Mahira wakes up early in the morning and kneads the flour. Paras asks her why is she doing early preparations while others are still sleeping. This makes Mahira keep the dough aside, she prepares breakfast for herself and strolls around in the house.

When other contestants wake up and discover an undone breakfast, they ask Mahira why she didn’t make them breakfast to which she answers that she simply wasn’t in the mood to make it.

Aarti says it’s okay if Mahira’s not in the mood to make and added that she would make the breakfast instead. This makes Madhurima a bit uncomfortable and she thinks that’s unfair.

Madhurima says even she’s not feeling like washing the vessels and denies doing her duty. When asked the reason, she sarcastically replies that even she isn’t in the mood to wash vessels just like Mahira is not in the mood to prepare breakfast.

This takes an ugly turn, Aarti and Madhurima fight. Vishaal wakes up and sees Madhurima and Aarti fight. He gets into the quarrel and speaks up for Madhurima.

Paras comes into the ring and both the men get into another’ boys face to face fight’. Both these men speak up for their women and fight badly.

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