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Bigg Boss 13 Update 22nd December 2019: Mallika Sherawat Announces Aarti as The Opposing Captain

Last updated on March 23, 2020

Mallika Sherawat adds an oomph factor to the house with the task titled, ‘Kabhi Nahi Toh Abhi Sahi’ in which she asks the members to do such tasks that they had never done before.

Mallika makes the contestants play an entertaining game and all the members have a great time. A lot of enjoyment and fun comes with the game. Mallika makes Rashmi and Arhaan do a pillow fight.

Later she teaches them to do a romantic pillow fight with Asim on her well-known song Bheege Hoth Tere. She even makes Asim show off his six packs and counts them as she touches with her fingers.

Later she even calls Paras and Mahira to share an apple without using their hands. She makes Paras kiss Mahira on the cheek to convince her when she gets upset, both of them enacted the scene and their chemistry was top notch.

This makes Shehnaz upset and Mallika calls Shehnaz to do a task. She asks Shehnaz to make false compliments on any guy in the house of her choice. Mallika calls out Paras for the task and confesses the truth instead, tells he was her first love and how glad she is to have seen his true colors!

She makes both Shefali Zariwala and Shefali Bagga do belly dancing. The women showcased their belly dancing skills which were a delight. She made all the boys of the house dance on the same belly dancing song.

She made Siddharth do a funny dance on one leg. Approaching towards the end of the task she asks all the contenders who stood in the captaincy task alongside Asim, to pitch to her and tell her why do they deserve to be a better captain than Asim.

Aarti won the task and now the surprise element in the history of Bigg Boss arrives. Aarti becomes the ‘opposing captain’ with superpowers. She has the power to overrule any five of the orders given by the captain!!

So, it is all about Bigg Boss 13 Update 22nd December 2019.

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