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Bigg Boss 13: “Siddharth Shukla Used To Change My Lines In the Serial”, Says Rashmi Desai

Last updated on March 23, 2020

Weekend Ka Vaar episode showcases the classic fight of Rashmi Desai and Siddharth Shukla. Rashmi once again digs the past despite repetitive warnings by Salman Khan and also the contestants.

This triggers Siddharth and even he starts digging past events and angrily gives related statements. Aarti tries to explain Rashmi to keep quiet and not utter a word to prevent a fight.

Rashmi claims that Siddharth would change her lines and give her dialogues to Jasmin.

Siddharth denies saying that it is not his job as an actor to change any dialogues and even if he were in charge of that, it was not possible to exchange lines of two different characters of Rashmi and Jasmin.

Rashmi adds that he would not only change the lines on their daily soap but he also made creative changes. Siddharth gets poked by this statement and walks away angrily.

He can’t keep calm and in response tells “Rashmi Goa tak aa gai thi mere picche” while Aarti tries to calm down Siddharth, Asim enters and pokes Siddharth.

Then Asim goes and narrates Siddharth’s statement related to Goa to Rashmi. Shocked Rashmi sits back this time and doesn’t get into a fight. She also pleads Arhaan to stay away from the fight.

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