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The weekend episode in the house of Bigg Boss is full of fights. This time it becomes Siddharth VS Vishaal and Madhurima. Siddharth Shukla once again fights with the rest of the members.

This time he fights even with Vishaal and Madhurima (ex-lovers). Just after the fight with Arhaan and Rashmi gets over he fights with Vishaal.

Siddharth is seen munching on the couch in the kitchen area while Vishaal happens to pass from there. Both men exchange a look and start pouncing on each other.

As Vishaal walks out the door towards the garden area, Madhurima happens to walk in through the same door. Siddharth passes a comment also on Madhurima to which Vishaal loses his calm.

Madhurima and Vishaal both fight with Siddharth. Vishaal threatens to beat Siddharth with his shoes or to kick him. Siddharth once again digs the past from outside that happened before Bigg Boss.

Vishaal and Madhurima don’t have a smooth story and their journey on Nach Baliye has been full of love and fight at the same time. The fact that they have broken up long ago is enough to come to terms that they are not together anymore.

They fought a lot on the sets of Nach Baliye and had become the talk of the show. To this Siddharth indirectly points out to their prestige in front of the nation. Vishaal gets pissed off on this statement and the fight catches more fire.

Vishaal says, “Siddharth Shukla, tu gutter hai.” Madhurima and Vishaal still have a soft corner for each other and they never fail to support each other in the house.

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