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Bigg Boss 13 Promo: Mahira And Paras Physically Abuse Each Other, Fights Terribly!

Last updated on March 23, 2020

Initially, Mahira Sharma refuses to play the game of captaincy but later she changes her mind and plays the game. She refuses to perform the task because she hates her team and does not gel with them.

But nevertheless, she makes her mind to perform the task because it is about captaincy. Mahira has been targeted by Rashmi and Vishaal for not making enough Rotis.

Aslo Asim has a problem with her for not cooking lunch on time. This pisses Mahira off and she refuses to make any rotis further.

She fights with Asim and particularly with Rashmi in the captaincy task. She says that earlier Rashmi wanted Paras, then Arhaan and now she wants Asim. She calls her ‘aunty’.

When the task reaches midway, she is in a bad temper. Paras comes and tries to talk to her but she pushes him away, it was meant to be a slight nudge by the elbow but she did it forcefully in anger.

She did not intend to do so. Paras gets super angry on her by such behaviour and strictly tells her that he does not like those girls who raise their hands-on men. They get into an ugly fight.

The coming episode will exactly show what happened between them. Even Paras raises his hand on her and such physical abuse leads to a fight.

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