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Bigg Boss 13 Promo 29th December 2019: Salman Cleans the Bigg Boss House

Last updated on March 23, 2020

Bigg Boss 13 season is very popular in India right now. It has much drama, love chemistry and fights. We all have seen lovely fights between Shehnaz and Siddhart and an ugly fight between Sid and Rashmi But after all of that, there was too much fun.

Well, in the upcoming episode of the bigg boss 13, have too much mystery for the first time in the house. In Bigg boss 13 promo of 29 December, Salman Khan enters into the house from the main gate of Bigg Boss house.

At the time, every housemate is in the bed area and suddenly Salman appears in the house. everyone is in shock. He goes to the kitchen area and starts cleaning dishes.

Salman also cleans the fridge and collects waste of vegetables from it. All the contestants are in still shock and they are watching from the bed are to cleaning living are by Salman khan.

Next, Salman Khan goes to the bathroom area and cleans it. After that, we have seen all inmates are in the living area and Salman appears on the screen and everyone asks sorry to him.

Also, Salman says that “Sab Yahaan Par Dedh Hai, Sab Apne Aap Ko Teesmar Khan Samajte Hain. So, this is all about the upcoming episode of the Bigg Boss 13 29th December.

Apart from that, we can see the effect of Asim Riaz and Siddharth Shukla’s happy moments together in the house. In the previous episode, Sid and Asim hugged each other which became the most touchable moment for the audience and inmates.

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