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Bigg Boss 13 Online Trend: Mahira Sharma and Shehnaz’s Never-Ending Fights!!

This week is all spiced up in Bigg Boss house. Yesterday Paras had reunited Mahira and Shehnaz and in not less than twenty-four hours the two women started fighting over a new issue.

Mahira doesn’t like anyone else interfering in the kitchen when it’s her turn to cook. This time Aarti helps Mahira in the kitchen while Shefali Bagga refuses to knead the dough.

The cold war between Shehnaz and Mahira continues even after Paras patches their friendship. In the upcoming episode, viewers will get to see Mahira and Shehnaz pounce on each other.

The fight of these two lasses seems to never end, be it over preparing dinner or over Paras. Though Shehnaz made peace with Mahira in the previous episode, she is jealous of her friendship with Paras.

The very next day, Shehnaz started showing signs that she has hard feelings against Mahira by not responding to her. The upcoming episode will witness Shenaz and Mahira fight once again while Paras tries to sort their internal issues.

Mahira is often seen shedding tears and she always has either Paras or Asim to calm her down. Looking at the scenario in the chaotic house of Bigg Boss all that can be said is it’s never sorted.

Drama continues to be there in every episode. Shehnaz is best friends with Siddharth but things are not cool anymore between these two. While Siddharth is ignoring Shehnaz, it makes her more jealous of seeing Mahira and Paras bond together.

The fact that she has developed genuine feelings of love towards Paras keeps her from being calm and she is often seen ill-treating Mahira. Well, this is just the beginning of chaos and misunderstanding!!

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