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Bigg Boss 13 News 20th December: Rashmi Desai and Siddharth Shukla Lose Temper, Fights Harder Than Ever Before!!

The upcoming episode of Bigg Boss telecasts the fight between Rashmi and Siddharth. Rashmi gets pissed off by Siddharth’s unethical and discriminative statement when he says that those women cooking in the house are his servants indirectly.

Rashmi’s straight reply to Siddharth was that his statement even makes his mother a servant. This caught fire in the entire house. Asim claims Siddharth for having bad thoughts and no respect for women.

This leads to a series of back answering. As Rashmi is involved in the fight, how can Arhaan Khan not indulge in it to take Rashmi’s stand? By the way, Arhaan was seen making parathas for Rashmi.

Arhaan steps into the fight too after Asim and these people start claiming Siddharth as a person who has no respect for women. Siddharth can’t take such allegations and fights and answers back that all of them are scared of him.

He says that few people make an alliance, they team up to fight against him. Siddharth added that he is not scared of anyone going against him and is pissed off by the mean comments made on him and the false allegations put on him.

He doesn’t care about the attempts made to demean his character. The upcoming episode is full of misunderstanding, contestants targeting each other and saying awful things to each other.

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