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Bigg Boss 13: Madhurima Beats Vishal With Her Slippers Twice!

Last updated on March 23, 2020

In the morning Rashmi and Madhurima sit on a couch having their morning talk. In the garden, they see Vishaal and Madhruima orders Vishaal, “chhotu, chai lekar aa.”

Vishaal takes out his slipper and spits on it, wears it again and walks in. Then he comes out and lies down in front of them. The three of them have a casual morning conversation.

Madhurima and Vishaal have a misunderstanding in the conversation and they begin abusing each other. The situation is not on fire yet.

Madhurima gets breakfast and the two ladies eat. Rashmi offers Vishaal a bit of their plate saying it’s tasty. Vishaal denies saying that he won’t eat from the same plate from which Madhurima has eaten.

Madhurima and Vishaal both turns by turn say mean things to each other. Rashmi warns them to stop quarreling as it does not look good. They both continue fighting.

Vishaal tries to shun her off saying “chal phut yaha se” to which pissed off Madhurima calls him “suvar ki aulad”. Vishaal gets deeply hurt by this curse and they both continue their fight.

Madhurima stands up from the couch to leave the place and while going she takes her slipper off and beats on Vishaal’s bicep. Then she again beats on the other side.

Shocked and angry Vishaal takes his mic off and bangs the door of the confession room. He asks Bigg Boss to call him in the confession room, he takes a chair and sits at the door.

Bigg Boss calls both of them in the confession room. Vishaal asks Bigg Boss to punish Madhurima for being violent as it is against the rules of the house.

Bigg Boss announces the decision that Madhurima directly gets nominated for the coming two weeks. Vishaal is not convinced and satisfied by the decision and tells that he can’t stand this behavior.

He says either Madhurima should be asked to leave the show or he would leave. Now the question is who will leave the show. The decision is pending.

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