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Bigg Boss 13: Jay Bhanushali Adds Fuel to Former Friends, Rashmi and Aarti’s Fight

The task of cooking that happened in the Bigg Boss house on the eve of Christmas had certain celebrity guests on the show to judge the task. Jay Bhanushali was invited for the same.

Jay has to make a decision on whether which team would get more money. He makes both Rashmi and Aarti do an activity wherein he asks them to tell ten good things about each other.

As Rashmi begins listing the good things about Aarti, Jay cutting her midway says that there’s no fun with listing good things and tells her to point out the bad things.

He tells both of them to say negative things or the things that they disliked in each other. They had to say five such negative things.

Rashmi begins and one of her complaints was that Aarti had always told her that she is her friend and she would be there for her whenever she needed, but Aarti was not there when she needed her on the show.

Later on her turn, Aarti tells her views and also clarifies Rashmi’s statement that she was not interested in supporting her to talk about the past. She did not want to talk on the past because it included both her friends Rashmi and Siddharth in it.

She also stated that earlier when she had supported Rashmi she did not appreciate it and started speaking to the other person neglecting Aarti and did not take her side. Rashmi argues and walks away.

Aarti says that she did not want to repeat it for the nest time especially after coming to the point where it is important to stand for oneself in the show.

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