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Bigg Boss 13 Exclusive News: Rashmi Pushes Mahira to Protect Arhaan in the Captaincy Task

The task going on in the Bigg Boss house is the task for captaincy named Mission Mangal Graha. The task is about two groups namely, scientists and robots.

The participants need to collect the water soaked up in a sponge and fill their respective containers while saving their collected water from being thrown away by others. Vikas Gupta supervises the task.

A lot of pushing and attacking happens in the task. Angry red faces fight for captaincy. Madhurima is the first one to get out of the task.

Vishaal tries attacking Shefali Bagga, Shehnaz and Mahira’s container, spills the water out. A lot of physical attacks happen in the game and will continue to happen in the coming episode.

Shehnaz and Shefali Bagga get angry at Vishaal for pushing them away. Later Mahira also joins and these four targets one container, sit on each other trying to throw the water away.

Shehnaz gets hurt in her already swollen hand which she had banged against the wall earlier on the same day. She even gets hurt on the back when Vishaal sits on her. People fight while the others laugh and the task truly gets entertaining and furious at the same time.

Later as the task proceeds further Mahira goes to attack Arhaan’s container while slight misbalance happens there. Arhaan gets hurt on his head. Seeing this Rashmi loses her calm and pushes Mahira away. The task is not over yet. It will be interesting to see who wins the task and becomes the new captain of the Bigg Boss house.

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