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Bigg Boss 13 Day 36 Written Updates 6th November: Sidharth Shukla aggressive fights with Mahira Sharma

This Tuesday was full of chaos and rage. Right from the morning, contestants started arguing with each other for the household tasks. Mahira refused to prepare the breakfast and got into a catfight with Arti. Housemates are always seen fighting for household duties. It seems like they don’t understand their duties well. The Tuesday episode was no different.

Asim Riaz was filled with rage and criticized the house contestants for not maintaining the bathroom area. Asim also fought with Arhaan over the Roti matter in the morning. The fight intensified when Siddhartha Shukla got involved in the matter and yelled at Arhaan Khan. Arhaan accused Siddhartha of ‘always being after the house ladies’. The Latter called him ‘Saas’ of the house’.

The contestants get their first task of the day. The wild card entries were finally seen performing the first task ‘transportation services”. Bigg Boss divided the contestant into two groups led by Asim and Paras.

Paras had Khesari, Tehseen, Shehnaaz, Arhaan, and Mahira whereas Asim was leading Sidharth, Shefali, Hindustani Bhau, and Arti. The teams are supposed to accumulate as much stock from the garden area as possible. The teams are given their unique stamping tools. They have to print their team’s stamp on the items they have collected. The minute the truck horn buzzer activates, one contestant from each team has to load the truck with their stamped items.

The task turns competitive when team members try their best to collect the maximum amount of stock from the godown. A lot of confusion and argument takes place during the task. Siddhartha Shukla loses his cool and gets infuriated with Arti and Asim (his team contestants).

Siddhartha also fought with Mahira over the sack she collected from the godown. The fight turned extremely aggressive and Siddhartha tried to snatch the sack from Mahira. Mahira Sharma complained about Siddhartha’s rude and aggressive behavior. She also blamed him for getting violent on her.

Will Siddhartha Shukla be evicted from the show for getting violent? Stay tuned for the latest updates.

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