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Bigg Boss 13 7th January Update: Shehnaz Loses Her Temper!

Last updated on March 23, 2020

Siddharth mocks at Shehnaz since morning. Shehnaz is angry and fed up with Siddharth and ignores him. But Siddharth convinces her this time. He comes forward with his cute and funny behavior and goes on mocking around in the house.

Shehnaz almost gets convinced by his sweet efforts. She realizes later as he mocks at her trying to poke her. The funny situation is not funny anymore.
Siddharth taunts her in the garden area.

He talks to Aarti and Mahira loudly in such a way that Shehnaz is able to hear him. All these are present in the garden area. Shehnaz is lying down on a couch completely covered under a purple blanket.

Siddharth tells Mahira and Aarti that there are certain insecure people in the house who sleep under a purple blanket. Shehnaz takes her blanket off her face, warns Siddharth to stop irritating her. She goes back to sleep.

Siddharth continues to poke her and the second time he tells that Mahira is the best girl in the house and he likes her the most. Certain people are jealous of this fact.

Shehnaz takes off her blanket and speedily gets up to hit Siddharth. They both fight and get entangled in a position wherein stronger Siddharth locks her in the position and seriously tells her eye to eye, to stop getting extra in every situation.

Shehnaz starts crying. She bangs her head with her hands and yells that she is not jealous of anybody in the house. Sana was poked by Siddharth to fight. She hates being called jealous especially jealous of Mahira.

Shefali Zariwala, Aarti, Madhurima and Asim are there to calm her down.
Rashmi watches the entire scene from a distance. Mahira goes in and narrates the whole incident to boyfriend Paras.

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