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Bigg Boss 13 7th January 2020: Siddharth Shukla Mocks Around in The House!

Last updated on March 23, 2020

Siddharth Shukla has got into his funny mocking behavior. In the morning he goes next to Shehnaz while she is sleeping. Shehnaz asks him to stop irritating her as she is already hurt by him.

Siddharth curiously asks how and when did he hurt her. She tells him to go away as she does not want to recall it.

Siddharth makes his mind to convince her and keeps on irritating her trying to know the reason behind her ignorance. Siddharth sits on her while she is sleeping and asks her why she is not talking to him.

She swings her hand and the photo frame on the side table falls down and breaks into pieces. Siddharth is not done yet and he continues to irritate her. The scenario is a sweet one and most unusual because every time it is the opposite. Shehnaz is seen convincing him always.

After this, he continues to mock at her in the kitchen. He kind of starts doing commentary on every action going on there. Shehnaz is not irritated by him now and she finds it sweet.

She gets drawn towards him by his cute gestures trying to talk to her. Siddharth is not done yet. Siddharth goes to Paras and Mahira and sits next to them. He mockingly says Shehnaz has asked him to go and sit with his friends.

He even gets in the middle of Vishaal and Madhurima’s fight and mockingly intermediates their messages to each other. This also arises a misunderstanding in Vishaal’s mind and Rashmi tells him that all of this mocking is Siddharth’s game plan.

She stays in the background and tells both Madhurima and Vishaal to not get into his trap.

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