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Bigg Boss 13 2nd January 2020: Shehnaz Gets Hurt Badly In The Captaincy Task, Twice!

Last updated on March 23, 2020

The captaincy task turns into a fight zone. All the members cannot wait to knock each other down. It’s not new to say that a lot of face to face fight has happened. Literally all the members fight their part, fair enough.

As usual, Asim complains that Siddharth abused his family. Aarti interrupts and makes it clear that it was Asim who first abused Siddharth’s father.

When Siddharth calls Asim a ‘crybaby’ the whole fight goes on a roller coaster high ride and everyone takes mutual participation in the fight. Shehnaz gets hurt twice and it gets terrible.

Bigg Boss has to pause the task twice because of the contestants’ unnecessary high temperament. Everyone is intended to humiliate each other and they all play a rough game.

Shehnaz gets pushed by Asim once and the second time her beloved friend Siddharth falls on her. Also throughout the game, she gets slight pushes.

Madhurima goes into the confession room to ask Bigg Boss if it is okay for anyone contestant to carry the basket instead of two as it was the only solution to reduce the injuries.

Madhurima is the supervisor in the task and Bigg Boss grants her request. Despite stopping the game twice and making considerable changes in the task, the contestants continue to play an unfair game.

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