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Bigg Boss 13 29th December 2019: Sehnaz Gill Says “Pati Ho Toh Aisa”

Last updated on March 23, 2020

Bigg Boss 13 is becoming very interesting as it is reaching its final days. Currently, Bigg Boss is reached to its 15th week. It has lots of laugh moments, sad moments and aggressive moments too.

In the episode of 29th December, Shehnaz says Arhaan to ‘Pati Ho Toh Aisa’. Actually, an incident happens when Vishal and Shehnaz are sitting in the bathroom area and Vishal is making the hair of Shehnaz.

As we know, Shehnaz Gill is appointed as the new captain of the house for the week. On the first day, she faced huge trouble to get work from the housemates as some of the inmates are not ready to work.

Even on the first day of her duty, Kookdoo Ko was buzzed multiple time. At the same time, Asim and Siddharth got a huge fight over a duty. After that, the management of the house is not well.

So in the episode of 29th December 2019 weekend ka vaar, Salman Khan enters into the house and cleans the kitchen in front of the housemates. He even cleans fridge, toilet and washes dishes.

That moment happens in the house for the very first time in the history of Bigg Boss. Every contestant feels shame and apologizes for the same in front of Salman Khan.

Also, Bigg Boss team gives special surprise to Salman Khan by presenting his journey of Bigg Boss seasons of ten years. Salman gets emotional for the same and bigg boss thanks him.

In the episode, Arhaan declines the duty of cooking and dishwashing with the reason of Shukla’s comment on the food. In a replay of that, captain Shehnaz says, she cooks very delicious and praises him with saying ‘Pati Ho Toh Aisa’.

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