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Bigg Boss 13 22nd December 2019 Episode: “I don’t let girls like you enter my house” says Sid to Rashami.

Last updated on March 23, 2020

In Tonight’s Bigg Boss 13 episode audience will see Salman Khan getting mad at Rashami Desai and Siddharth Shukla. All the contestants will be seated in the hall when the host Salman Khan will ask Rashami about her problem. To which she explains how Siddharth repeatedly keeps her calling ‘ aisi ladki’ in the house.

Rashami says that such words delivered by Siddharth in the house against her, raises questions on her character and that she cannot afford to lose her self-respect due to such phrases by contestants. She says her self – respect to her is worthy demanding to leave the show at any cost.

Salman Khan then asks Siddharth what he means by ‘aisi ladki’. He replies that it means a girl like Rashami Desai who backbites about everyone and everything.

Siddharth warns Rashami not to provoke him to dig out the past when Rashami used an abusive word for Sid which gets beeped. To this Salman loses his temper and asks them that they are in Bigg Boss 13 to play and should not dig out pasts.

He asks them to dispute about it outside the house. Citing an example of a box, Salman explains Rashami to ignore Siddharth. In the previous Weekend, ka Vaar Rashami throws warm tea on Siddharth and called him a ‘ goon’.

Siddharth broke out to this “ I don’t let girls like you enter my house”. Arhaan, Rashami’s constant companion in and out the house gets into a physical fight with Siddharth Shukla. Shehnaz Gill tries to hold Siddharth back.

Salman Khan was stupefied seeing all this and regrets his decision of hosting the extended episodes of this season. Rashami Desai and Siddharth Shukla know each other before Bigg Boss 13 as they were seen sharing the screen of the daily soap ‘ Dil Se Dil Tak’.

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