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Bigg Boss 13 13th Week Update”Get Another Host, I’m not ready for this shit”, Salman Khan’s Shocking Statement

Last updated on March 23, 2020

Salman Khan freaks out at all that is happening in the Bigg Boss house. He pisses off at the contestants, gets exhausted and irritated by the fight, says he doesn’t want to host such show with such shit.

Rashmi Desai who kept on dragging the matter (Siddharth Shukla’s mean comments on her) refuses to stop talking about the stale matter and asks for clarification on the mean comments.

Despite Salman’s warning, Rashmi continues to talk about the same topic and unnecessarily takes it to another level.

She continues to complain about how bad Siddharth is and says it on his face, “Siddharth Shukla tu ghatiya aadmi hai.” She further complains about how ruthlessly he tore off Arhaan’s shirt.

She recalls his gestures that he directed towards her and passed comment on her character. She tells how badly without any manners he asks people to go away and passes comments when they pass by next to him in the house.

Salman Khan gets irritated by the never-ending discussion and gets pissed off. He says that they have crossed the limit and have got on his nerves. He pretends to walk away and then shouts at all the members for playing such a filthy game.

He says that he is not proud of the dirt they have created inside the house. He even tells that they would be ashamed to have seen the way they look on the onscreen.

He has never seen a bunch of such manner fewer people who only want to find a reason to pounce on each other. Salman is fed up with the fights and childish behavior and says he doesn’t want to host such shit. He asks them to get another host, suggests Farah Khan’s name.

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